Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moms Sweet Angel is finally tired........

I absolutely LOVE hiking off leash on the island! We usually walk/hike about 5 miles a day!!

I love running and splashing in the water along the shore!

Hey, a boys gotta do what a boys gotta do! Mark it Babie!

Loving the water and my days at the cabin on the island on Lake Minnetonka

Hollywood gave me my own "Star" on the Walk of Fame!! Imagine that!

I didn't want to leave the dog park after the first time i went there as a puppy in this picture!

OKAY, how perfect is this picture of Heather and Walter about a year and a half ago! We were at a fund raising event for our MN Pug Rescue group! I think momma Heather needs to post this on her blog now after his miracle surviving accident!!

Ha ha! Mom loves this pic too! I was PASSED out COLD on the car ride home after dancing and partying the night away at the Human Society Whisker Whirl!

I love my Warhol Pug Blankie!

Its Hollywood BABIE! Note sign in background:)

Malibu beach in California.. The ocean sort of scared me.. It was SO loud and powerful!

Mom and I love our off leash walks in the miles and miles of Hyland Park Reserve a mile from our house! This picture was taken in fall when the leaves change beautiful colors here in Minnesota.

Minnehaha Falls... Mom thinks I look like a "Angelic" in this picture!

A wonderful summer evening watching a concert at Lake Harriet bandshell in Minneapolis..

Mom made a "wish" and I came true!

On the "Puggy Prowl"....

I LOVE diving into sprinklers for a quick drink, tee! Mom says "No guts, No glory", i agree!

Look at how handsome and big I was already at 8 months old!!! Mom had just gotten me a month before this.. She did change my food intake after this!

My Pug family! Including me, my brother, momma, and grandma!

Got Snow? This Pug does!

Brother and me enjoying our first of many winter snows!

You can tell im going to be a little "cheeky" pug! (Cheeky is a word often used by our pug friends in England and Austrailia.. It means cute, fun, and a little naughty!)

Whoever gets to adopt me is going to be ONE lucky human, tee!

Pug Butties for LIFE!

Cuddle time with brother and my pug momma

Waiting for Santa...


My brother and I listening in at the Vet Office! If we hear the word ~ shots ~ were outta here!

My brother Stubby and me with my wonderful momma Boots...

My baby pictures! I was only a few days old here!

I was crowned Snow King at our annual Pug A Dazzle event!

I love me some Dairy Queen!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mom and I love our off leash walks at Moir park in our hometown, Bloomington...

My lovely Pug family!!

Santa Pug always comes to town at our house!!

Mom and me and the "Top Dog Model" search at Lulu and Luigis....

Enough already Mom! I want my turkey drummy that we came to this Renni festival for and that you got specially for ME!

Peek ~ A ~ Boo!

I love you!

I LOVE the weave poles in agility!!! I am as fast as ANY other breed out there when it comes to the weaves!

Mom and I LOVE going to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis!

"I WANT my birthday cupcakes NOW, PLEASE Momma!!"

This was one of my 5th Birthday parties with all of moms nanny kiddies!! We have an "All Pug Webkinz" club in which i am of course, Thee President!!

This was a summer event called "Dog Lovers Night Out" at the Guthrie, downtown Minneapolis.. Wonderful night with great grilled food and lots of fun dog friends!!
Yes this last piece is ALL mine! YEAH!!!

This is ONE mug my momma LOVES!!! XOXO

I LOVE taking breaks on my walks in the lush, green grass, ahhhhh!!

Mom and I love our "date nights" at Famous Dave's in the dog friendly neighborhood of Linden Hills in Minneapolis!! In fact, we are DUE for one soon MOM!

Moms FAVORITE gift in her LIFE!!! Me, Yippe!!

"Being this cute is exhausting!!"