Saturday, May 22, 2004

May 22nd, 2004 ~ The First Day We Layed Eyes On Each Other

"Pick Me, Pick Me!"
This was the very first day I met my mom! It was May 22, 2004. Mom had a choice between two pugs this day. Me, or another little "show girl" pug. When she came to the van i was in, I was so happy to see someone and to be taken out of that terrible kennel i had been in for the three hour drive to this dog show. It was drizzly out and this girl (currently my beloved mother) didn't give me much time to steal her heart. She thought she wanted the other girl pug that she had yet to meet after meeting me. I was SO sad when she pushed me back in that kennel. I thought she didn't want me and i would be forced to go back to that place where i was confined in a kennel all day and got no attention. I would surely die of boredom or neglect!
Fast forward about two hours..........................
Everything changed when she returned to take ONE more look at me. I knew i had to work quick, so i put my "Pug Spell" on her and within seconds.............. It was a DONE DEAL! She was HOOKED!!! HOOKED i tell ya HOOKED!! She took me out of the kennel and drove me to the place i now call home... The rest..... IS HISTORY!
Hope you enjoy my blog. It is about time I got one. Who better to have a blog of the life and luxuries of a Pug than myself, the one and only "Boo Bear Hamilton"...... XOXO

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